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11:21 PM: It’s Six to Nine Months Before Your Wedding Day

 It’s less than a year now until your special day. Here are the elements of your wedding that should be taken care of six to nine months before your celebration. Keep breathing and all will be well.

First off, it’s time to order your bridesmaid’s dresses, shoes, and accessories. Everyone should be excited about this part. Pretty new things to wear on a special day.

Paper, lots and lots of paper. You’ll be getting boxes and boxes of beautifully designed paper, all with your name on it! It’s time order your wedding invitations and the invitation enclosures, your wedding announcements if you will be sending any, and your personal stationery. Most important: obtain your envelopes in advance so they can be addressed by hand.

Set the time and place for your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Notify everyone attending these events of the schedule.

If your faith requires it or if you desire counseling, schedule religious or personal counseling sessions.

Your groom!  He already looks great but it’s time to select his wedding wear so he can look really great. Also choose the groomsmen’s attire. If their outfits will be rented, schedule the rentals.

Moms will look fantastic, especially if you help them coordinate their wedding outfits. Shopping!

For your out-of-town guests and attendants, plan or reserve lodging, transportation, and activities as desired.

Will you have a pre-nuptial agreement? If so, it’s time to see an attorney and have it drawn up.

If you want to have an out-of-town officiant to perform your ceremony, talk with local clergy about any requirements or regulations.

Are you hungry yet? This is the time to choose your reception menu and the type of food and beverage service you will have.

Whoosh! A lot of things to do, but all for the very best cause: the first day of your married life together. May it be everything you dreamed of.



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