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12:07 AM: The Exciting Final Weeks before Your Wedding

Nearly everything is in order now. So much has been accomplished. Now for the final week weeks before your wedding. There are just a few things to review and it’s time to start enjoying the fun! If the butterflies have hit, just try to breathe. It’s natural for the excitement to bubble up this way.

Your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. These can be such fun events. So much planning and so many decisions are behind you, and now you’re really doing it! You’re really getting ready to be married – soon!

So, reconfirm the rehearsal plans with your clergy member or officiant and the dinner site coordinator. Remind all attendees of the time and place.

Go over the final seating plan for your reception. Some people have had to cancel, some others have been added at the last minute. These last minute changes are normal.

Give the head count for your reception to your caterer and go over the menu one last time.

You may want to touch bases with your other vendors: florist, maker of your wedding cake, musicians, and so on.

It’s party time! You may have showers to attend, the bridesmaids’ luncheon, and your bachelorette party. Who knows? Maybe others are giving luncheons and parties for you. Friends, laughter and – gifts!

The best man needs to know what you would like him to do, so review his duties with him.

If you have any special seating plans for your guests, either at your ceremony or your reception, prepare a list to give to your ushers. Make a copy for each usher.

You’ve probably already done this, but confirm with your photographer and videographer your list of “must have” shots.

Preparations for your honeymoon—so soon! Yes, it’s right around the corner. Pack for your honeymoon as far in advance as you can, so it’s done and out of your mind. You can always add something or remove something later.

If you’ve planned a spa day for your attendants, have a lovely day and come out feeling relaxed and looking your glowing best.

Make final arrangements for you and your attendants for the day of the wedding. Make sure they know where to meet and when, what to bring with them, and what will be supplied for them (hair stylist, make-up artist).

Give your addressed, stamped wedding announcements to whomever will be mailing them shortly after the wedding.

A year of planning for your Big Day and now it’s here.

My wish is that you relax and enjoy it to the fullest. My very best wishes for a wonderful life together!





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