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12:00 AM: Three to Six Months Before Your Wedding and A Few More Things To Do

It’s only three to six months before your wedding. Where did the time go? These are days you’ll always remember. Has something gone wrong? You’re not alone! It happens fairly often and it’s just part of the process. Talk with your wedding planner. She can fix almost anything—except perhaps getting uncle Ted and cousin Beth to get along, although she may apply her magic to that too. She’ll reassure you that the planning is on track, that everything will come together—absolutely!— and that you’ll have a beautiful wedding.

Not surprisingly, there are still some things to do. The list is getting shorter! Here we go!

If you haven’t already sent Save the Date notices, address and send them now. If they’re going out by email, send them now.

Renew or apply for your passports if necessary.

Meet with your officiant to discuss the ceremony and the rehearsal.

Address your wedding invitations and announcements. Take a sample of each with all of the enclosures to the post office to find out the exact postage for each. Sometimes the size of the envelope will change the postage amount. Buy your postage stamps. I’ve seen couples at the post office buying postage for their invitations and their excitement—and a teeny bit of wedding jitters—spreads through the post office. People are smiling.

Give your list of names and address for the invitations to the rehearsal dinner to your rehearsal dinner hosts.

Choose gifts for your attendants, flower girl and ring bearer, and for each other. It’s the thought that counts. The gift need not be extravagant but it should reflect the love you share. Some traditional gifts for the groom are:

An engraved watch
An exquisitely bound book, personally inscribed
An engraved sterling silver picture frame
An antique desk clock
An engraved money clip

And some traditional gifts for the bride are:

A classic pearl necklace
A heart locket with personal engraving on the back
A necklace or brooch
Pearl earrings
A beautiful jewelry box
A bottle of extravagant perfume

Select and/or order your wedding rings. Have them engraved if you choose to do so.

If the state you’re getting married in requires blood tests, make an appointment for them done.

Explore babysitting options if necessary.

Wow! Think back on what you’ve accomplished, how much progress you’ve made. It should start to feel like everything is falling into place nicely now.

See you later for zero to three months before your wedding!



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