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12:00 AM: Weddings are changing. Traditional thoughts are giving way to new ideas.


Weddings are changing. Traditional thoughts are giving way to new ideas.

The food you serve at your wedding is no exception. There is a trend away from seated dining where guests are stuck in their chairs for hours and the conversation may have lost it’s sparkle.

Food stations are in. People can get up, mingle, sample a food they like, or something entirely new to them. Decorate the stations beautifully and they’ll be a big hit.

People are eating again! Fad diets are out. And some ethnic groups expect fuller fare.

Heartier Food Stations
The mashed potato martini bar is still an all-time favorite. The mashed potato bar is still hot due to the comfort and home factors. The comfort factor seems to warm up the room, ease the conversation. Regular mashed potatoes, butter, garlic, and sweet potatoes served in martini glasses or brightly colored cups. Toppings can range from sauces like mushroom and onion, ground beef, marinara and vodka-tomato to sour cream and chives, bacon and cheddar cheese, melted gruyere cheese and a creamy crab and shrimp sauce.

Crepe Stations – Savory and Sweet
Delicious crepes can be savory, filled with applewood grilled chicken, pancetta, gorgonzola, or a creamy brie. Or sweet! Filled with and cinnamon poached pears, chocolate, berry fillings, anything that you might fill a pie with. Or just butter and sugar with a dash of cinnamon.

Omelete Stations
Grilled chicken and shrimp, gourmet cheeses, seared spinach, caramelized onion and smoked tomato salsa are delicious.

Ethnic Stations
Quesadillas and tacos, pierogis, stuffed cabbage, satay chicken, gourmet sausages. Whatever ethnic food your guests know well is an excellent idea.

A Station for the Kids (of all ages)
Mac and Cheese. Need I say more? All of the “kids” will love it served in an interesting glass.  Twin this with little grilled cheese sandwiches of different cheeses. Double Mmmm. A tiny cup on the plate with some m&m’s and a glass of milk is perfect for the kids.

Weddings are changing. Traditional thoughts are giving way to new ideas.


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