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09:15 PM: Music for Your Wedding

Music is a big part of your wedding and your wedding planner can help guide you through the selection of music which will reflect your personalities, individual tastes, and sensibilities. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The music affects the feeling of the wedding. Just like leaving a concert, your guests will be humming the music you chose as they leave the reception.

Your budget will determine whether you’ll be able to have live musicians or a DJ. You can even do your own wedding music with your iPod. There are wedding music sites available to download wedding music to iPods or MP3 players. These sites have hundreds of pieces of wedding music. Here are two to explore: www.wedalert.com, www.weddingmusiccentral.com/  With time and listening to enough samples, I think the two of you will know what you want. Trust your gut. If it isn’t going smoothly, I can offer suggestions for music that will work well with your wedding.

First up: Music for Your Ceremony
You’ll want some gentle music to set the scene for your wedding as guests as being seated. Some couples choose a harp or a string quartet. If not live music, these could easily be recorded music. If your wedding is in a place of worship, it could be live organ music.

The Processional and Recessional
For the wedding party, Handel’s “Air” from the “Water Music Suite” and “Wachet Auf” by Bach are classic choices. However, they’re certainly not the only choices.  If you’ve dreamed of traditional wedding music heard at other weddings or in the movies, Clark’s “Trumpet Processional” for the processional and Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” for the recessional are traditional selections. And, of course, the “Siman Tov, Mazel Tof” for a Jewish wedding recessional is classic.
Next, Music for the Cocktail Hour
Setting the mood is important as your guests move to the interlude between the ceremony and the reception. Your guests are probably hungry and eager for the reception to begin. Choose this music to calm and entertain them. This is the place for feel-good music.
Then, On to the Reception
This one is another multi-part selection, and most couples find this part much easier! Phew!

First Dance
Maybe you already have “your song.” If it’s danceable (test it out; is it too fast or too slow to dance to?), you have your first dance. There are lists and lists on the internet of first dance songs. All that listening could get quite romantic. Try to stay on the task at hand!

Father Daughter Dance
Here’s one where dad can probably help. There’s probably a song that he has always associated with you. Ask him what he would like.
Time for Everyone to Dance!
Start upbeat, and before long, move to a slow dance so that you can bring everyone who wants to dance to the dance floor. Your grandparents will appreciate this. Otherwise, you can mix it up as much as you want. The “Hora” is essential for Jewish weddings and can great fun for many weddings.
Putting it All Together
Here’s where your wedding planner can be a huge help. She has a timeline for the wedding. Fitting the music into each of these parts of the wedding is like selecting music for a movie. You and your wedding planner can play the role of sound directors. When you’ve chosen music for all of the parts, listen to them as a whole. Do all of your selections help create the mood you want for your wedding? Do they all work together? Yes? Excellent! Let the celebration begin!




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