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07:15 AM: That’s Amore

 Wow! I’ve just returned from a really wonderful vacation in Italy. I’m a wedding planner and you’d think I’d had my fill of weddings and wouldn’t have any interest in them when I’m on vacation. Pas du tout! Not at all!

I was in Paloma in Sicily on a Monday, in the middle of the day. I saw a few people dressed in long evening clothes. Then more couples. Then the couples seemed to form a group, and they were all going in the same direction. What in the world was going on that people would be dressed like that in the middle of the day on a Monday?

My tour guide said they were walking to a church for a wedding. Many questions from all of us! Yes, in Italy you can get married any day of the week except Sunday. And the tour guide gave us this tidbit of Italian wedding tradition: the groom has to wait for the bride for three hours. This is to test and prove his patience, for if he can patiently wait for his bride for three hours, he will be a patient husband. I wondered, Does this give the wife extra time to get ready?

When I got home I talked with an Italian friend. She said that these days, it’s really only about a one hour wait. You know how nervous grooms are? Imagine him being all dressed up and waiting, waiting. It makes me smile and wonder.

On the same trip I was in Rome, ah Roma! Our tour bus drove by the Coliseum and in front of us were a bride and groom, and one man—perhaps the best man?—and a photographer were heading to the Coliseum for a bride and groom shoot. We waved to the couple and they waved back and we broke into applause. We got to share in their wedding just a little bit. It was thrilling! I hope they will remember us for many happy years.

My trip to Italy also took me to Barcelona, Spain. Go figure. Do you know the famous Cathedral in Barcelona designed by Gaudí that is still not finished? The one with the amazingly tall, thin, unique architecture? As I neared the Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family), I saw this wedding procession of many cars and in a horse-drawn carriage, carrying the bride and groom. They were parading through the City. I wonder if that was a usual wedding practice or if this was a very special wedding of a high-profile couple? If anyone knows, please leave a comment!

When I got home I talked to another friend who was sharing stories about wedding traditions she has seen in her travels. I’ll share that in an upcoming blog. I’ll be posting twice a week sharing lots of interesting wedding tidbits. Next up: Why you need a wedding planner … or Have a peek at what can go wrong if you don’t have a wedding planner! See you then!



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